It was at Juilliard that Ironstone discovered he believes consummately in the artist's role to investigate fully emotions through reflection, such that we learn more about ourselves, and the dynamics we share universally.

            Hungry for more knowledge, Ironstone decided to continue his education by pursuing a degree in World Arts and Culture with UCLA. He did this in order to investigate further his relationship to his body and the body's relationship to the world and what it means to be human in a changing era. 

Dedicated to Dance because the body has the answers we need

Dedicated to Intersectional Feminism, as defined by Kimberlé Crenshaw

Dedicated to screaming about the loneliness we all share, focusing on queer narratives that embrace the full spectrum of existence. 

His vision is to continue a legacy for young artists to bridge the gap between social and political justice through art.


       Ironstone is most inspired at the moment with counter-instructions in our own centrality. Freedom without responsibility is chaos.